I just had my first child this past fall, and met with Essene with hopes he could help me lose the baby fat. Not only did I lose the weight, but I have a flatter stomach then I did before (without any sit ups!). More importantly though, Essene taught me how to eat for health and what foods are essential for the development of my daughter. Thank you Essene, you changed our life.
Jill Peters
I work out about 3 hours every day. I would describe myself as generally healthy, and very active. I met Essene through a mutual friend, and decided to work with him for a month to see if I could learn anything new from this self described ‘Health Guru’. Essene showed me a new way to look at food, and taught me how to prepare foods like a gourmet chef. I highly recommend Essene to any person who wants to live a long life, and eat well!
Eric Schessleur
Financial Analyst
I’m 87 years old, and have had the luxury of having the most reputable, sought after, and expensive massage therapists and body work healers work on me. Essene’s body work is the best. His hands and energy work are a touch from the gods. I went from not being able to move my feet, to walking – just after one week of working with Essene. I highly recommend Essene’s nutritional coaching, and his massage.
Syvlia Adams,
Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother
I’ve been working one on one with Essene for about 4 months now, and not only have I lost weight, but I have a new out look on food, and my body. Essene is a healer.
Michael Heller
CEO Talent Resources
I always thought eating healthy was work….i never liked the food and (more importantly) it cost too much! Essene’s food is gourmet… I was blown away that food this healthy could taste this great!
Christie Will
Producer/ Director