Emergency preparedness items!

With the recent shake up of natural disasters, I thought I’d give you an Emergency Check-List that we all should have.


* Aloe Vera – Can be used as a topical antibiotic as well as a treatment for burns and skin issues. Can be consumed internally (the gel only) for digestive support and to help eliminate intestinal issues.

* Activated charcoal – As a dietary supplement, activated charcoal can be a true lifesaver. It absorbs poisons! It’s the primary ingredient in the poison treatment liquids used in emergency rooms.

* Baking soda – This simple but miraculous substance has a multitude of uses in personal health and even treatment of many conditions including gout, arthritis, and even some cancer tumors.

* Wound clotting products such as Quik Clot.

* Cayenne pepper tincture – An amazing first aid substance with applications for boosting circulation and even helping heart attack victims.

* Gauze and bandages: You can never have too many, it seems. Available everywhere.

* Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide: Both are super cheap to acquire and have very long shelf life. Both can help clean first aid tools or even light wounds.

* Medical adhesive tape: I cannot emphasize enough how much you’ll need this tape. Buy as many rolls as you can. They store for many years and have a multitude of uses. Get a variety of sizes.

* A good quality emergency knife, preferably a rugged folding knife with a combo serrated edge.

* Tweezers and safety pins: These will be handy in a variety of situations.

* Safety razor blades.

* Cotton-tipped swabs.

* Colloidal silver liquid – Absolutely the single most important first aid item for long-term preparedness and survival. Can be used on the skin as well as internally. A very long history of safe use by tens of millions of people. Superbugs cannot build resistance to silver!

* Colloidal silver gel – A combination homeopathic / silver solution for topical use. In my own home medicine cabinet, this has now replaced all topical antiseptics and antibiotic ointments.

* A tourniquet.

* Natural sugar source to treat hypoglycemia. I recommend coconut sugar because it lasts much longer than processed white sugar.

* A magnifying glass. Or better yet, have a wearable magnifier that sits on your forehead, freeing up your hands.

* Non-electric thermometer.

* Sturdy sewing needle and thread.

* High-quality natural soap such as Dr. Bronner.

* Collapsible water container (like a camp sink).

* Have a waterproof container to hold all these first aid items.

We never know when a natural disater will hit — so don’t be a victim due to a lack of preparedness. Get prepared now so that when disaster strikes your area, you won’t become a helpless victim needing to be rescued.