Health Tip! Do most turkey products contain sodium nitrite?

Do most turkey products contain sodium nitrite?

Virtually all nationally marketed, non-organic deli meats contain sodium nitrite (or sometimes potassium nitrite) as a preservative. Occasionally, a non-organic manufacturer will introduce an “all-natural” version of its deli meat that does not contain any nitrites, but the only way to be sure about this is to check the ingredient list on the back of the package. Since preservation with sodium nitrite is not allowed in certified organic deli meats, these organic versions are a great way to steer clear of this preservative. Cooked whole turkey products and cured turkey products often do contain sodium nitrite, but there are nitrite-free products in the marketplace. Once again, your best bet is to look through the ingredient list and check for sodium nitrite or potassium nitrite among the ingredients. Nitrite-free products will sometimes advertise their nitrite-free status on the label