Healthy Living with Essene Health was chosen in Top 100 Holistic Nutrition Resources Online!

Healthy Living with Essene Health was chosen to be on a list of 100 Top Holistic Nutrition Resources Online was just published on

Everyone’s seen the ads for the latest diet fad or juice cleanse that is supposed to make your skin glow, your waistline shrink, and your life long and fulfilling, but it takes more than just a momentary dedication to wheatgrass shots to achieve true health and balance. Proponents of holistic nutrition use all kinds of scientifically confirmed information about the nutrient content of various foods, along with the nutrition needs of individuals, to recommend dietary habits that promote health and wellness in all aspects of life. These sites share the basic tenets of holistic nutrition as well as specific meal plans, nutrition facts, and other information for those studying holistic nutrition, or anyone interested in learning more about it.