Do you have white sugar in your cupboard, know that it is bad, but don’t know what or how to replace it? We will go into your kitchen and replace the items that are detrimental to your health with healthy alternatives. In this process, we will help how to understand how to substitute ingredients you may not have cooked with before. We will show you how to incorporate ingredients like Swiss chard, Kale, and brown rice flour and kelp noodles.

Essene will do a throughout walk through of ALL food in your kitchen and pantry – and will give alternate food suggestions for those that are hurting your health. He will explain his Pantry Assessment in detail, so that you are well aware of the pros and cons (as it relates to your body and health) for specific foods and ingredients.

Think of Essene’s work as a dictionary for cause and effect with respect to ingredients we eat, use, or ingest.

Family Plan (as part of The Essene Way Complete Health Plan):

If you purchase the Family Plan as part of The Essene Way Complete Health Plan, Essene will give a through review of all your child’s food choices, and how they may relate to their healthily development (givng a cause and effect on possible food choices you many be feeding your child).