:60 or :90 Minute Sessions

The Whole Foods Market Walk-Through is an intense food discussion and food health effects break down. Through each isle, you will show Essene what you would normally buy, how much you enjoy/ dislike it (or side effects you might be having from it), and what change you are willing to make with it. Essene will suggest various alternatives that resonate with the Heath Plan you are on.  If you are not on an Essene Way of Life Health Plan, Essene will give you guidance on what food choice changes he feels you should consider – based on practical ingredient knowledge, and their health benefits/detriments.

Vitamin, Supplements & Personal Hygiene

Essene will suggest various vitamins and supplements based on needs accessed from your Essene Way of Health Plan. He will give a through breakdown of such suggestions, and customize his health supplement suggestions to your health needs.

Further, he you will discuss your personal health hygiene choices, and Essene will make breakdown any health hazardous associated with such products, and suggest some healthier alternatives. Such personal hygiene issues/ products might include deodorant choices, chap stick/lipstick, yeast infection remedies, rash remedies, tampon/sanitary pad choices, toothpaste, children’s diapers – and more.